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New release: MARY TTS 4.0 beta

This is a first beta release of the new 4.0 code. MARY 4.0 is a major cleanup over previous versions of MARY TTS.

openmary-standalone-install-4.0beta.jar (32 MB)


Key features:

  • 100% Pure Java. All native libraries have been removed from the system. MARY should now run on any platform that has Java 1.5 or newer.
  • Fully open source. All code is now open source under the  LGPL, including German TTS. Voices are distributed under Creative Commons or BSD licenses.
  • New languages. We have added Turkish and Telugu synthesis for now, and have made it easy to add more languages and voices in the future.

MARY now comes with a toolkit for people who want to add support for new languages or build their own voices. There is detailed documentation for

More details can be found in the MARY TTS 4.0 beta Release Notes.

 NOTE: This is beta software. It is not yet ready for production use. You are likely to find problems, and we would appreciate if you tell us about it. See the development pages for details.