MARY TTS optional components from DFKI

These components are shipped separately because they are licensed under a more restrictive license than the core MARY system. DFKI MARY components are licensed under the following terms.

DFKI General Research Software License

This License Agreement applies to any software library or other program which contains a notice placed by DFKI GmbH saying it may be used under the terms of this DFKI General Public License (also called "this License"). Such software library or program is called “Licensed Software” below.

You are not required to accept this License, since you have not signed it. However, nothing else grants you permission to use or modify the Licensed Software. These actions are prohibited by law if you do not accept this License. Therefore, by using the Licensed Software (or any work based on it), you indicate your acceptance of this License to do so, and all its terms and conditions for using, copying, or modifying the Licensed Software.

The Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) GmbH is referred to as "Licensor" below.

You, the individual, representing yourself or an organization, are referred to as "Licensee" below.

The software must no be made available to third parties. Collaborators of the Licensee in the same organization do not count as third parties provided their use of the software is in accordance with the conditions of this agreement.

§ 1 Subject of Agreement and Scope of Use

(1) The Licensor grants the Licensee the non-exclusive right to use the Licensed Software in accordance with the conditions below.

The Licensor provides the Licensee with a copy of the Licensed Software. It may contain object code, data processed by it, and documentation.

(2) The Licensed Software may only be used by the Licensee on the Licensee's electronic data processing (EDP) systems.

(3) The Licensee is permitted to · save the Licensed Software on the aforementioned EDP systems, · execute the programmes, · process the data that are part of the Licensed Software, · perform Licensee-supplied extensions or modifications of that data, · copy the programme package if necessary, as long as this coincides with the conditions of the agreement.

(4) The Licensed Software is to be used by the Licensee exclusively for the purpose of non-commercial use. Further development or commercial use of the Licensed Software or parts thereof requires the prior written consent of the Licensor.

(5) If the Licensee modifies or extends the data (e.g., grammar or training data, which may be part of the Licensed Software), the Licensee grants the Licensor an unrestricted, world-wide and irrevocable perpetual licence to those modifications and extensions. If the Licensee creates new data compatible with and processable by the Licensed Software, the ownership of such data remains with the Licensee, but the Licensee provides the Licensor with a copy of such data in electronic form to be used for research and software maintenance purposes and for the further development of the Licensed Software.

(6) If the licensed programmes are introduced to third parties by the Licensee, or their functionalities demonstrated within the scope of the Licensee's scientific activities, either exclusively or in conjunction with other software systems, the origin of the licensed programmes must be acknowledged in an appropriate manner.

(7) Scientific results and publications that have been produced with the help of the Licensed Software shall be made available in electronic or printed form to the Licensor at the time of their publication.

(8) Textual license material, especially the program descriptions and the handbooks, may only be reproduced with prior written permission from the Licensor.

(9) Making backup copies, testing, examining or decompiling the programmes is only acceptable insofar as permission is obligatory by law. The Licensee must not allow third parties access to the Licensed Software or to copies thereof without express written consent from the Licensor. This still applies if the Licensee closes or sells his business completely or in part.

(10) The Licensee is not permitted to transfer the rights of the present agreement to third parties or to pass on any usage rights.

§ 2 Duration of Use

The usage rights described in § 1 above are valid for an indefinite period with the following exception: As soon as the Licensee violates any of the obligations described in § 1 above, the duration of use shall terminate immediately.

§ 3 Licence Fees

No license fees will be charged.

§ 4 Warranty and Liability

The Licensed Software is provided “as is”. The Licensee releases the Licensor from any warranty and liability claims. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Licensed Software is with the Licensee. Should the Licensed Software prove defective, the Licensee assumes the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

§ 5 General Requirements

(1) All agreements, lawsuits or expressions of will affecting this agreement, particularly those that alter or expand upon its content, must be accepted by both parties in writing. Verbal changes, explanations and expansions will only take effect once they have been confirmed in writing.

(2) In the event of any parts of this agreement being or becoming invalid due to circumstances arising at a later date, the remaining provisions or rulings hereof will not be affected. In such cases the parties undertake to replace any such provision with one which most closely approximates the commercial intentions of the original one.

(3) This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law.

Applicable Licenses

MARY is built upon a number of other technologies and products. Here is a list of those products with links to their licenses.

mysql-connector: When connecting to a mysql database, MARY/German can use the mysql-connector from which is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, see or doc/licenses/LGPL.txt. (files concerned: java/mysql-connector-java-2.0.14-bin.jar)