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MARY TTS 4.0-beta: Release Notes

What’s new

This is a first beta release of the new 4.0 code.
MARY 4.0 is a major cleanup over previous versions of MARY TTS.

MARY now comes with a toolkit for people who want to add support for new languages or build their own voices. There is detailed documentation for

More details on individual issues addressed can be seen in the list of tickets associated with this release.

Tested environments

The MARY client and server code was tested on:

The web interface at http://localhost:59125 should work with any recent browser that supports AJAX.
We have obtained best results with:

Known issues

Bug reports

This is beta software.
It is not yet ready for production use.
You are likely to find problems, and we would appreciate if you tell us about it.

If you think you have identified a bug, proceed as follows:

  1. Check in the list of known bugs whether the bug has been reported already;
  2. If you cannot find it, create a new ticket containing the following information:
  3. Discuss the problem on the MARY user mailing list.


People interested in adding support for a language can get in touch, e.g. via the MARY developers mailing list.