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Classes in that implement JoinCostFunction
 class JoinCostFeatures
 class PrecompiledJoinCostReader
          Loads a precompiled join cost file and provides access to the join cost.

Fields in declared as JoinCostFunction
protected  JoinCostFunction UnitDatabase.joinCostFunction

Methods in that return JoinCostFunction
 JoinCostFunction UnitDatabase.getJoinCostFunction()

Methods in with parameters of type JoinCostFunction
 void UnitDatabase.load(TargetCostFunction aTargetCostFunction, JoinCostFunction aJoinCostFunction, UnitFileReader aUnitReader, CART aPreselectionCART, TimelineReader anAudioTimeline, TimelineReader aBasenameTimeline, int backtraceLeafSize)

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Fields in declared as JoinCostFunction
protected  JoinCostFunction Viterbi.joinCostFunction