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Packages that use DirectedGraph
marytts.modules All the modules doing the actual processing. 
marytts.modules.synthesis Internals of the synthesis module.   

Uses of DirectedGraph in marytts.cart

Subclasses of DirectedGraph in marytts.cart
 class CART
          A tree is a specific kind of directed graph in which each node can have only a single parent node.
 class FeatureVectorCART
 class StringPredictionTree

Constructors in marytts.cart with parameters of type DirectedGraph
NodeIterator(DirectedGraph graph, boolean showLeafNodes, boolean showDecisionNodes, boolean showDirectedGraphNodes)
          Iterate over all nodes in the graph.

Uses of DirectedGraph in

Methods in that return DirectedGraph
 DirectedGraph DirectedGraphReader.load(java.lang.String fileName)
          Load the directed graph from the given file

Methods in with parameters of type DirectedGraph
 void DirectedGraphWriter.saveGraph(DirectedGraph graph, java.lang.String destFile)
          Dump the graph in Mary format
 void DirectedGraphWriter.toTextOut(DirectedGraph graph, pw)

Uses of DirectedGraph in marytts.modules

Fields in marytts.modules declared as DirectedGraph
protected  DirectedGraph CARTDurationModeller.cart
protected  DirectedGraph PolynomialF0Modeller.contourGraph

Uses of DirectedGraph in marytts.modules.synthesis

Fields in marytts.modules.synthesis declared as DirectedGraph
protected  DirectedGraph Voice.durationGraph
protected  DirectedGraph Voice.f0Graph

Methods in marytts.modules.synthesis that return DirectedGraph
 DirectedGraph Voice.getDurationGraph()
 DirectedGraph Voice.getF0Graph()

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Methods in that return DirectedGraph
 DirectedGraph AgglomerativeClusterer.cluster()
 DirectedGraph AgglomerativeClusterer.getGraph()