Class FeatureProcessorManager

  extended by marytts.features.FeatureProcessorManager
      extended by

public class FeatureProcessorManager
extends FeatureProcessorManager

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class marytts.features.FeatureProcessorManager
locale, phonefeatures2values, processors
Constructor Summary
          Builds a new manager.
FeatureProcessorManager(Voice voice)
          Constructor called from a Voice in Locale DE that has its own acoustic models
Method Summary
 java.util.Locale getLocale()
          Get the locale for this feature processor manager.
Methods inherited from class marytts.features.FeatureProcessorManager
addFeatureProcessor, getFeatureProcessor, listByteValuedFeatureProcessorNames, listContinuousFeatureProcessorNames, listFeatureProcessorNames, listShortValuedFeatureProcessorNames, registerAcousticModels, setupGenericFeatureProcessors, setupHardcodedPhoneFeatureValues, setupPhoneFeatureProcessors
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Constructor Detail


public FeatureProcessorManager()
Builds a new manager. This manager uses the english phoneset of FreeTTS and a PoS conversion file if the english PoS tagger is used. All feature processors loaded are language specific.


public FeatureProcessorManager(Voice voice)
Constructor called from a Voice in Locale DE that has its own acoustic models

voice -
Method Detail


public java.util.Locale getLocale()
Description copied from class: FeatureProcessorManager
Get the locale for this feature processor manager. Locale-specific subclasses must override this method to return the respective locale. This base class returns null to indicate that the feature processor manager can be used as a fallback for any locale.

getLocale in class FeatureProcessorManager