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Packages that use Allophone
marytts.machinelearning Machine learning classes for K-Means clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models, and manual data generation for testing purposes.
marytts.modules.synthesis Internals of the synthesis module. 
marytts.unitselection.interpolation Various relatively generic utilities for input/output. 

Uses of Allophone in marytts.machinelearning

Methods in marytts.machinelearning that return Allophone
static Allophone[] ContextualGMMParams.getAllophones(AllophoneSet allophoneSet)

Methods in marytts.machinelearning with parameters of type Allophone
static int[] ContextualGMMParams.getPhonologyClasses(Allophone[] phns)
 void ContextualGMMParams.setClasses(Allophone[] phns, GMMTrainerParams commonParams)
 void ContextualGMMParams.setClasses(Allophone[] phns, GMMTrainerParams[] params)

Uses of Allophone in marytts.modules.phonemiser

Methods in marytts.modules.phonemiser that return Allophone
protected  Allophone Syllabifier.getAllophone(java.lang.String phone)
          Get the Allophone object named phone; if phone ends with "1", discard the "1" and use the rest of the string as the phone symbol.
 Allophone AllophoneSet.getAllophone(java.lang.String ph)
          Get the allophone with the given name, or null if there is no such allophone.
 Allophone AllophoneSet.getSilence()
          Obtain the silence allophone in this AllophoneSet
 Allophone[] AllophoneSet.splitIntoAllophones(java.lang.String allophoneString)
          Split a phonetic string into allophone symbols.

Uses of Allophone in marytts.modules.synthesis

Methods in marytts.modules.synthesis that return Allophone
 Allophone Voice.getAllophone(java.lang.String phoneSymbol)
          Get the Allophone set for the given phone symbol.

Uses of Allophone in marytts.signalproc.process

Methods in marytts.signalproc.process with parameters of type Allophone
static void Blizzard09PostProcessor.mainSingleFile(java.lang.String inputWavFile, java.lang.String outputWavFile, Allophone[] allophones)
static double[] Blizzard09PostProcessor.process(double[] x, Labels labels, Allophone[] allophones, int samplingRateInHz, double absMaxOrig)

Uses of Allophone in marytts.unitselection.interpolation

Methods in marytts.unitselection.interpolation that return Allophone
 Allophone InterpolatingVoice.getAllophone(java.lang.String phoneSymbol)

Uses of Allophone in

Methods in that return Allophone
 Allophone Target.getAllophone()
 Allophone DiphoneTarget.getAllophone()

Uses of Allophone in

Methods in with parameters of type Allophone
static void FileUtils.writeTextFile(Allophone[] phns, java.lang.String textFile)