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Packages that use AudioEffect
marytts.signalproc.effects A wrapper package for audio effects in Mary TTS.
All audio effects are derived from the BaseAudioEffect and should include appropriate parameter setting, parameter querying, help text generation, and processing functionality.


Uses of AudioEffect in marytts.signalproc.effects

Classes in marytts.signalproc.effects that implement AudioEffect
 class BaseAudioEffect
 class ChorusEffectBase
 class FilterEffectBase
 class HMMDurationScaleEffect
 class HMMF0AddEffect
 class HMMF0ScaleEffect
 class JetPilotEffect
 class LpcWhisperiserEffect
 class RobotiserEffect
 class StadiumEffect
 class VocalTractLinearScalerEffect
 class VolumeEffect