Various relatively generic utilities for input/output.


Class Summary
FileUtils A collection of public static utility methods, doing file operations.
LEDataInputStream reads little endian binary data .

copyright (c) 1998-2007 Roedy Green, Canadian Mind Products #101 - 2536 Wark Street Victoria, BC Canada V8T 4G8 hel: (250) 361-9093

Version 1.0 1998 January 6

1.1 1998 January 7 -officially implements DataInput

1.2 1998 January 9 - add LERandomAccessFile

1.3 1998 August 28 1.4 1998 November 10 - add new address and phone.

LoggingErrorHandler Implements an ErrorHandler for XML parsing that provides error and warning messages to the log4j logger.
MaryRandomAccessFile A class that extends RandomAccessFile to read/write arrays of different types while allowing random access to a binary file (i.e.
ReaderSplitter A class splitting a Reader into chunks.
StreamLogger Read from a stream and log.

Package Description

Various relatively generic utilities for input/output. They are not clearly associated with any particular part of the Mary system and may be reusable in different contexts.