Class ESTTrackWriter

  extended by

public class ESTTrackWriter
extends java.lang.Object

Constructor Summary
ESTTrackWriter(float[] setTimes, float[][] setFrames, java.lang.String setFeaType)
          Plain constructor.
Method Summary
 void doWriteAndClose(java.lang.String fName, boolean isBinary, boolean isBigEndian)
          Triggers the writing of the file to the disk.
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Constructor Detail


public ESTTrackWriter(float[] setTimes,
                      float[][] setFrames,
                      java.lang.String setFeaType)
Plain constructor.

setTimes - The vector of frame locations
setFrames - The frames -- can be null if only times are to be written
setFeaType - A string indicating the feature type, for header info (e.g., "LPCC")
Method Detail


public void doWriteAndClose(java.lang.String fName,
                            boolean isBinary,
                            boolean isBigEndian)
Triggers the writing of the file to the disk.

fName - The name of the file to write to.
isBinary - true for a binary write, or false for an ascii text write.
isBigEndian - true for a big endian write (PowerPC or SPARC), or false for a little endian write (Intel).