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Packages that use LEDataInputStream
marytts.signalproc.adaptation Packages for speaking style and speaker identity adaptation in Mary TTS supporting various voice conversion algorithms.
The subpackages include:
.codebook: Weighted codebook and weighted frame mapping
.gmm: Gaussian mixture model based spectral conversion
    .gmm.jointgmm: Joint source-target GMM based voice conversion (this method has been used in our group�s various publications in 2008 and 2009)
marytts.signalproc.analysis A collection of analysis algorithms for signal processing.
Important classes are as follows:

Uses of LEDataInputStream in marytts.signalproc.adaptation

Fields in marytts.signalproc.adaptation declared as LEDataInputStream
protected  LEDataInputStream FdpsolaAdapter.din

Uses of LEDataInputStream in marytts.signalproc.analysis

Methods in marytts.signalproc.analysis with parameters of type LEDataInputStream
 void PitchFileHeader.readPitchHeaderOld(LEDataInputStream stream)
 void PitchFileHeader.readPitchHeaderOld(LEDataInputStream stream, boolean bLeaveStreamOpen)

Uses of LEDataInputStream in marytts.signalproc.process

Fields in marytts.signalproc.process declared as LEDataInputStream
protected  LEDataInputStream FDPSOLAProcessor.din