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allophoneSet - Variable in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser


JPhonemiser - Class in marytts.language.te
Telugu phonemiser module
JPhonemiser(String) - Constructor for class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
JPhonemiser(String, MaryDataType, MaryDataType, String, String, String) - Constructor for class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
Constructor providing the individual filenames of files that are required.
JTokeniser - Class in marytts.language.te
JTokeniser() - Constructor for class marytts.language.te.JTokeniser


lexicon - Variable in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
lts - Variable in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser


main(String[]) - Static method in class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS
makeProperIt3(String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS
marytts.language.te - package marytts.language.te
marytts.language.te.phonemiser - package marytts.language.te.phonemiser


phonemise(String, String, StringBuilder) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
Phonemise the word text.
phonemise(String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS
Get it3 pronunciation for a word
process(MaryData) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
process(MaryData) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JTokeniser


readLexicon(String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
Read a lexicon.
readUTF8File(String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS
readUTF8String(String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS


setPh(Element, String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
splitOffDots(MaryData) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JTokeniser
For Telugu, treat all dots as standalone tokens that trigger end of sentence.


TeluguConfig - Class in marytts.language.te
TeluguConfig() - Constructor for class marytts.language.te.TeluguConfig
TeluguLTS - Class in marytts.language.te.phonemiser
Telugu letter to sound(LTS) module - It converts UTF8 graphemes to IT3 pronunciation
TeluguLTS(InputStream) - Constructor for class marytts.language.te.phonemiser.TeluguLTS
TeluguLTS constructor


userdict - Variable in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
userdictLookup(String, String) - Method in class marytts.language.te.JPhonemiser
look a given text up in the userdict.
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